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Whether its just hanging a TV on the wall and plugging it in or building a full cinema room DeviceTech Systems will design and built your home entertainment system from scratch to suit any budget. We provide Audio Visual, Home Cinema, Multi-Room Audio, Flat Screen & Projection installation services to the commercial and residential sectors of the UK.

  • We can design a quality home theatre system that matches your budget and expectations

  • Get you great deals on new LED, HDR & 4K TV’s, sound systems and more 

  • ​Install everything, including theatre-style seating, custom cabinets and unique lighting designs setting you up with a home theatre package to meet your dreams

  • A Home theatre room that we can manage remotely for you if required and we will make sure you know how everything works before we leave  and be there if you need support in the future.

DeviceTech domestic installations

With millions TV owning households, watching an average of 5 hours of TV a day, there’s little doubt that we love our TVs. And if you’re like most people, that beautiful flat screen is sitting on a table or stand in your living room or bedroom. But there are a number of reasons why wall mounting your TV would make a lot more sense. And if you’ve been putting it off, because you are intimidated by the installation process, check out DeviceTech Systems Ltd to see how easy it is to install a TV wall mount that will work for you.

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